Caña Flamenca Band January 26th 7:30 pm
Free Concert ICE and Village of Islamorada Founder's Park Amphitheater come out for a night of music under the stars bring a picnic basket and lawn chairs


“El Tiburon”, is the artistic name given to Luis Linares. Luis was born on September 29th 1972, into a gipsy family with a long and accredited tradition in flamenco. This list includes his grandfather, Jose Cepero,"El Poeta", his aunt Rita Ortega, uncle Juan Serrano, father and mentor Jose Linares, "El Patriarca", and mother Carmen Linares, "La Chiqui". Tibu grew up in a home, which doubled as his parent’s flamenco dance studio, occasionally watching and absorbing dance classes and rehearsals. Luis devoured his father’s flamenco guitar and cante tutelage from a very young age. Later honing his skills accompanying Fandango and Danza Hispana in San Antonio and The Boston Flamenco Ballet. Luis later went on to study with El Pulga, and Santiago Aguilar, and has had the opportunity to take a few guitar and a structure classes with Jose Luis Rodriguez, as well as cante with Vicente Redondo “El Pecas”. Tibu has performed in Ecuador, Mexico, Germany, Spain and through out the United States. He recently finished an eight-month contract on Royal Caribbean’s Voyager, as headliner in the 1500 seat La Scala Theatre. Luis is currently finishing up his third album due to be release later this year, working on a clever, original screenplay, “THE VIDEO DIARY OF MIGUEL CORTEZ” and writing fresh music and lyrics to his distinctive, original theatrical flamenco show, "Vivo y Sueño Flamenco".
Tibu has had the pleasure of working with Antonio Hidalgo, Jose Junco, Jose Moreno, Liliana de la Caridad, Roberto Castellon, Clarita Filguiras, Vicente Griego, Valeria Montes, Nata Novela, Kyoko Terrada, Canela, Antonio Santa Ella, Martin Gaxiola, Edwin Aparicio, Carlota Santana, Teo Morca as well as many others.


Anaely Mahia, began her flamenco dance studies at La Academia del Centro Andaluz de la Habana and the Flamenca Ecos Company. She would later continue her education with prestigious teachers of the genre like Maria Juncal, Antonio El Pipa, Gabriela Gutarra, Antonio Delgado amongst others. She’s been part of many prestigious internacional events such as La Huella de Espana, Festival Flamenco Barcelona 2010, She has also performed throughout Russia, Sweden and Estonia. Anaely now resides in Miami and works the local flamenco tablao scene and teaches a nd choreographs at Jennie’s Dance Studio.