"Born and raised in the Keys and now exploring the city of the Tally, my life and experiences will be shared here through songs. Here is the music from my heart, to you.
I started Leah and Aviators thanks ICE"

"I am extremely thankful for the support that ICE provides to the Keys community. I used my scholarships to purchase several things that would later become essential in my pursuit of music."

"Sudying Professional Music at Berklee College of Music, I received a larger scholarship from ICE. Both scholarships were a huge help! Boston and Berklee were very expensive. The aid I received from ICE really made a difference.”

"ICE has never hesitated to help out the kids who are truly inspired and driven do what they want. Thanks to ICE, I've been able to pursue my passion at a larger scale. Much love to the ICE family!"


"ICE does an amazing job of supporting kids interested in continuing their education in a variety of Arts programs. ICE’s continued support is an invaluable service to our young artists."

former director of the Coral Shore High School Performing Arts Center

"ICE has provided us with the necessary funds to keep our instruments repaired. Without ICE, our PKS band would be virtually silent. Throughout the years ICE has been our most faithful and generous sponsor. Thank you ICE!"

Plantation Keys School Band Leader

"ICE paid the tuition to ICE for paying tuition for two talented girls to attend a week of Art Summer Camp. Thank you ICE!"

owner Veronica's Art and Glass Studio

"the ICE Foundation donated thousands of dollars to my students and other visual and performing arts students. Whether a student needed art supplies, instrument repair, or support to follow their dreams, ICE was there to help."

former Coral Shores High School Band Director

"When ICE endorses and supports talented students, its genius.”

CSHS Art Teacher