Micah & The Barstool Sailors

Micah & The Barstool Sailors 

What kind of music?   

Purple Islandgrass music created out of a necessity for creating. Musically grown

 in rum saturated coral flavored limestone candy at the end of an aquatic stage we call out of tune.

The Barstool Sailor nickname has been around since 2003, given to me at Papa Joe's in Islamorada by Lower Keys fishing legend Tidalwave Dave of No Name Key.  After a 3 year run on stickers up and down the Florida Keys it seemed fitting to name a band The Barstool Sailors.

The original Barstool Sailors started out as the acoustic duo of Micah Gardner and Nick Kimball at Rum Runners in 2006 I think, it could have been 2005. Nick. Over the years, Nick has formed his own band The Carousers.

Micah Gardner, Cliff Stutts and Andre Serafini volunteered to join up with the 2021 line up of The Barstool Sailors. Hailing from sunshine and witnessing to the auditory conch shell for 12 weeks, it sounds good, so we are negotiating a Gumbo Limbo tree house. Andre uses vintage Lignumvitae branches for drumsticks and is sponsored by his Rhodesian ridgeback. Cliff plays a 7 string bass, has a masters in jazz from University of Miami and will at some point hit the note that, without question is in the key of the song. He also negotiated with the Chinese and Japanese for the tile to build Epcot at Disney. Micah plays acoustic guitar, sings and believes in aliens and the Theory of the Domino.

What to expect from a Barstool Sailor show?

Fun. Mostly Original Music. Manatee Humor.