"While attending Coral Shores High School, I used the ICE scholarship to purchase drum sticks and bells. When I was a student studying Professional Music at Berklee College of Music, I received a larger scholarship from ICE. Both scholarships were a huge help! Boston and Berklee were very expensive. The aid I received from ICE really made a difference.”

Luke Ptomey, a resident of Islamorada, was a two-time ICE Scholarship winner and one of the few college scholarship winners.

Luke has been playing percussion/drums since he was 13 years old and piano/keyboard since he was 17 years old. Since he was 16 years old, Luke has played professionally throughout the Keys.

After graduating Coral Shores High School, he went on to study Professional Music at Berklee Music School in Boston, MA and while he was working on finishing his degree, he joined the band, Endangered Speeches, a touring and recording band that was formed in Boston, MA.

He stayed in Boston for a year to work professionally with Endangered Speeches after graduating from Burklee in 2012, then moved back to the Upper Keys to continue playing professional gigs in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami to Key West.

Currently, Luke plays with many local musicians such as Steve Venini, Chris Lute, David Feder, Felix (the Catt) Hawkins, Jimmy Hawkins, Cliff Stutts, Luke Summer Glen, Dana Collins, Dave Bomen, John Mavis, Nick Kimball, Kenny Channels, and many more. He currently plays in Key Largo to Key West Tuesday through Sunday with the Steve Venini Band, the Stonecrabs, Baga Tricks, the Tony Napoli Band, and the Jam at Mandalay.

He has recorded percussion and drums with Endangered Speeces, Steve Venini, Baga Tricks, Bhrigu Sahni (a famous guitarist/vocalist from India), and Astrothought (Reggae Band from Boston).

Luke is currently working with Janet Mulvihill to provide percussion workshops for students at Plantation Key School and volunteers his talent for fundraisers, benefits, Celebrations of Life, and local events several times throughout the year.