Friday Jan. 13th
Grandpas Cough Medicine

“Blazing tempos, outlaw attitude, foot-stomping intensity and acoustic wizardry” — that’s bluegrass group Grandpa’s Cough Medicine in a nutshell.

Saturday Jan. 14th

The Knotty G's

Micah & the Barstool Sailors

Gill & Chuck Knott are the core of the funky and fun-loving group The Knotty G's, who sometimes call on a wide range of other musical companions to form everything from a duo to a full band. Established in Asheville, NC, The Knotty G's travel the country sharing their soul-soaked Americana music and sensibilities, serving up a hearty original recipe of pan-seared-boot-stomping-upbeat tunes, slow-cooked-captivating ballads, and even a few beaten-battered-deep-fried covers. Nothing short of a stir fry of fun, these characters can certainly satisfy even the biggest of musical appetites.

Drink & Navigate Island Life! For “Good times are right around every corner” when you’re jamming with the Barstool Sailors Band. These FL Keys musicians with influences in Reggae, Funk, Punk, and Classic Rock love to interact with crowd and get the party started. From covers to originals that will be your next favorite song, they bring musical talent and fun to the stage. The band includes singer/songwriter Micah Gardner with guitar/vocals, the funky bass master, Cliff Stutts on bass, and the kicking dynamic drums of Andre Serafini

Sunday Jan. 15th
Low Ground Band

The Grass is Dead

Curated in South Florida, Low Ground is a driving bluegrass inspired band that sonically crosses and incorporates many genres of music. Expect their live shows to guarantee high quality music, pure love of the craft, and something for anyone from all walks of life to enjoy.

Low Ground is heavily influenced by Americana, Bluegrass, Folk, Rock, Blues,Jazz, and Jam styles of music. As a band they strive to honor the history and traditions set forth by these styles of music; even while adding in their own artistic expression

The bandmates include Paddy King on Fiddle, Amanda Accardi on Upright Bass, Isaac Taylor on Banjo, Trevor Klutz on Mandolin, and Nicholas Kiriazis on Guitar. Together they form a unique blend. A fresh sound that keeps the traditionalists happy, while also catering to those whose seek to push  past the boundaries of the norm.

The Grass Is Dead allows me to play both traditional and Dead-like vibes on their show. It’s great energy and intent and we know a million tunes between us. They really play bluegrass, yet they also are Deadheads. Their music is not just rock spiced up with bluegrass instruments. They have well-thought-out arrangements that draw on bluegrass but are accepted by even the most hardcore Dead fan. I never feel like I’m playing in a Grateful Dead cover band when I’m with them. Because of their intention and the way they put the songs together, it’s a real tribute to both bluegrass music and the Grateful Dead at the same time.

Food Trucks Taco Jalisco and The Moveable Feast!

Mark your calendars for a weekend of some of the best bluegrass music in the Florida Keys!!

Always island vibes and good times at Florida Keys Brewing co,