Morada Way Art Walk

Enjoy a relaxing evening perusing local fine art, imbibing local craft beer and wine, listening to music, and seeing your favorite people!
Live Music on Blue Marlin Stage, Florida keys brewing co and more…
Please bear in mind, this is a socially distanced event and we respectfully ask artists, visitors, and patrons to wear masks so that we may be able to continue to host this event.

Scott Youngberg Live @ Islamorada Fish Company

Scott Youngberg is an acoustic singer/songwriter, well known in the Florida Keys. As well as performing annually in events such as Bay Jam and the Key Largo Original Music Festival, he has composed and recorded his original album, “Idle Speed.” His show features a widely varied playlist mixing original songs with select cover tunes and popular songs.
“Scott is a musical master as a composer, lyricist, songwriter, and compellingly listenable singer. Go way out of your way to hear him and bring all your friends.”
– Mark Victor Hansen, all-time NY Times #1 bestselling author of non-fiction, Chicken Soup for the Soul.”
Scott can always answer the riddle on a Popsicle stick.

Baygrass – The Grass is Dead


It is well known that roots music is passed down from generation to generation. From grandparents to parents and from parents to their children. The inevitable collision between the traditional past and the enormous catalogue of modern music, both spiritual and psychedelic, is the fertile plain that sprouted the roots of The Grass Is Dead. Initially formed as an acoustic offshoot of one of the country’s most beloved GD tribute bands, Crazy Fingers, The Grass Is Dead has evolved over the past ten years into a juggernaut of sound and a festival favorite up and down the east coast, to Colorado and back.

Royalty Free license to Touch of Grey, LLC (pending)

Their live performances bring into view a traditional sensibility of bluegrass, swing, and folk music launched directly onto a psychedelic paintbrush of modern influences, most importantly, the music of the Grateful Dead. Captivating audiences with their unique interpretations and thoughtful arrangements of songs by the GD, Jerry Garcia, and many others, as well as their extensive file of traditional roots music at their command, it’s only a matter of time until the buzz that they have created will reach the West Coast as well. The Grass Is Dead are very much alive and well, rocking out and and picking their way across this great country.

Royalty Free license to Touch of Grey, LLC (pending)

Baygrass – Belle & The Band Duo


Kathryn Belle Long and Mickey Abraham have emerged as two of Florida’s most accomplished acoustic performers. As members of Suncoast Emmy award-winning Belle and The Band, Long and Abraham have played their original music at many of the premier Americana/folk festivals in the Southeast and toured the East Coast as far north as Canada.

As 2018’s Will McLean Best Florida Song winner, Long is currently at the top of her game as a songwriter. Abraham’s unique approaches to arranging and teaching music have been featured in Bluegrass Unlimited and Flatpicking Guitar Magazine.

Together, Long and Abraham combine experience, creativity, and class into emotionally-driven cohesive artistic statements. The award-winning duo is currently recording a full length concept album entitled “Voices: A Folk Opera.” The project combines elements of Broadway with folk music and includes original characters, locations, storyline, and reoccurring musical themes. Long and Abraham’s talents compliment each other and their work is nothing short of folk music art.

Baygrass – Hare of the Dawg


Formed in 2016, Hare o’ the Dawg was spawned from a common love of improvisational string music.

Drawing inspiration from old-time music such as swing, bluegrass and gypsy jazz, Hare o’ the Dawg has pleased crowds with original music as well as arrangements of tunes from the likes of Django Reinhardt, David Grisman, Jerry Garcia and anything with a bluegrass flavor.

Most of the band are multi-instrumentalists, and instrument swapping is a common theme of our music.


Mark Abramowitz (Upright Bass); Michael Gordon (Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Manjo); John Holland (Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals); Alex Munoz (Guitar, Cuban Laud, Puerto Rican Cuatro, Vocals); Sheryl Munoz (Vocals, Percussion)

Joanne Mackell Live

About Joanne Mackell

Joanne Mackell is a veteran singer/songwriter with a voice that could stop a mack truck and songs that make you remember the first time you fell in love. Her passionate delivery, outstanding vocal range and commanding stage presence consistently raise the roof and rock the house.

Born in Boston and raised in Montreal, this daughter of hockey legend Fleming Mackell [Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins] was signed to United Artists at age 23.
Joanne’s first album included musical legends Steve Cropper, Donald “Duck” Dunn and Martha Reeves, among others. The debut record was hailed by critics and got the attention of some of LA’s heavy hitters including Bonnie Raitt who helped Joanne put together her next recording, a demo that received airplay on LA’s premier FM station at the time.
After several years in New York and California she returned to Toronto to release “LOCAL GIG IN PARADISE.” The highly praised CD is a collection of 11 original songs ranging from throaty ballads and classic country swing, to flat-out honky tonk, all textured with her r&b/soul roots.

Joanne followed up that release with BRAND NEW LONESOME…. a high flyin’ ride across the wide map of roots music.  Traveling through full throttle honky tonk with This Better Be Good,  to bluegrass on Red Yellow Blue,  some memphis style soul/blues for This Close and I’m the One,  americana country on Queen of Hearts, spanish harlem soul on I Fall in Love tex mex crooning for Soon Come Tomorrow  sixties era dylan  with the radio friendly Sumac and finally coming home to a true Canadian lonesome road ballad  A Thousand Miles. The record was produced and written by Joanne who called on some of Toronto’s finest musicians to make these gems shine.they include; Christine Bougie (guitar and lap steel), Steve Briggs (guitar), John Switzer (bass), Marc Pizer (drums), Shelley Coopersmith (fiddle and mando), and Evelyne Datl (keys), plus Kevin Quain, Pat Carey, Howard Moore and a featured appearance by the Creaking Tree String Quartet…then there’s a gang of singers from far and wide.  Amelia Curran, Laura Hubert, Catherine MacLellan and Linda McRae are some names you may have heard before.
Available at

WANDERLUST is Joanne’s latest CD. Culled from mile after mile of driving across the highways of North America, these songs are road worn and true. Recorded live in studio, this beauty will have you singing along and lookin’ for a dance floor. The reviews are still coming in and they are impressive. Comparisons to Steve Earl and Gram Parsons are just the beginning.  The tight playing from Victor Bateman, Christine Bougie, Al Cross, Shelley Coopersmith,Evelyne Datl, and Nichol Robertson gives focus to Joanne’s brilliantly simple song writing. Songs that tell the uncommon stories about everyday people.
As a vocalist, Joanne can both get up close and personal or lean back and holler with an easiness that charms her listeners and puts them in the palm of her hand. Her songs are built up from the ground with the kind of writing that only comes with experience. If you like lyrics that make you listen and groove that gets into your bones, JOANNE MACKELL is all that and more.


* German Beers on Draft and locally brewed German style beers on draft!
****Live traditional German music both days****
Traditional Oompa Band Trio 1-4 Micah and the Barstool Sailors 5-9pm
Sunday: Traditional Oompa Band Trio 12-3pm and 5 piece Oompa Band 4-7pm
* German Food by The Movable Feast both days and the taco truck will be open too!
* Art Vendors
* Face Painting and Games
* Traditional Das Boot Competition 4pm on Sat. and Sun.
Island Vibes and Good Times in the Beer Garden!

John Bartus Live

Very few towns or cities could ever claim that their Mayor was a smokin’ hot guitar player. The island city of Marathon in the Florida Keys is one of those towns. While politics is a temporary call to service, music is a life sentence. John Bartus, a more-than-four-decade full-time professional musician, singer, and songwriter, continues to raise the bar with his groundbreaking solo acoustic show.

John’s songs cover a wide spectrum of topics – there are love songs, love-gone-wrong songs, and story songs about characters like the fun-loving Joe from “Vegas Town,” the Drifter from “Hit the Road Again,” the smuggler who ran out of luck from “Kiss Your Life Goodbye,” the dancer from “The Way It’s Meant to Be,” and the follower of visions from “Velvet Elvis.” There are songs about dealing with life (“Victim of Gravity”) and death (“Goodbye”). There is the tribute to the Apollo 1, Challenger, and Columbia astronauts as well as John’s father, a Saturn IB launch team engineer (“Dawn’s Early Light”). And there are the Tropical Americana songs – “Palm Trees in Paradise,” “Captain of His Own Destiny,” “The Islands of Marathon” – that show the influence of living in a tropical island town for nearly 40 years.

Rag Magazine wrote in an album review, “John Bartus could well be a force to be recorded with, in the very near future. The song, ‘Velvet Elvis,’ is reminiscent of the soft sarcastic style of Warren Zevon: a man, eating donuts in the Black Lung Cafe, receives a vision from ‘The King’ through a velvet Elvis hanging on a wall, and is inspired to go to Graceland to steal one for his own, even though it means jail time. The remainder of the CD is done in the story song style of Joshua Kadison with the Florida themes of Jimmy Buffett. A pure storyteller in a minstrel’s soul, Bartus’ voice is crisp and clear, and the music is easy to enjoy.”

John’s most recent CD releases are the Keys Disease 10th Anniversary Remaster, and Live From the Florida Keys Vol. 2. Two new studio CDs, After The Storm and Time & Tide, will be released in 2017, coinciding with the 37th anniversary of John’s first shows in the Florida Keys. John performs more than 200 shows a year throughout the Florida Keys. He calls these shows, many of them regular recurring dates, his Perpetual Island Tour. His solo acoustic shows are never-planned-in-advance journeys into creative live looping and feature John’s originals as well as his interpretations of select cover songs

You might have to subject yourself to a tropical island getaway in order to see John Bartus live – after three years on the road in the early 1980s, he figured out to stay in one place and let the listeners come to him. You’ll also have to put up with fishing, diving, beaching, fun in the sun, the world’s best seafood, and a tropical cocktail now and then… but the music is worth it!