Morada Way Art Walk

Enjoy a relaxing evening perusing local fine art, imbibing local craft beer and wine, listening to music, and seeing your favorite people!
Live Music on Blue Marlin Stage, Florida keys brewing co and more…
Please bear in mind, this is a socially distanced event and we respectfully ask artists, visitors, and patrons to wear masks so that we may be able to continue to host this event.

John Bartus Live

Very few towns or cities could ever claim that their Mayor was a smokin’ hot guitar player. The island city of Marathon in the Florida Keys is one of those towns. While politics is a temporary call to service, music is a life sentence. John Bartus, a more-than-four-decade full-time professional musician, singer, and songwriter, continues to raise the bar with his groundbreaking solo acoustic show.

John’s songs cover a wide spectrum of topics – there are love songs, love-gone-wrong songs, and story songs about characters like the fun-loving Joe from “Vegas Town,” the Drifter from “Hit the Road Again,” the smuggler who ran out of luck from “Kiss Your Life Goodbye,” the dancer from “The Way It’s Meant to Be,” and the follower of visions from “Velvet Elvis.” There are songs about dealing with life (“Victim of Gravity”) and death (“Goodbye”). There is the tribute to the Apollo 1, Challenger, and Columbia astronauts as well as John’s father, a Saturn IB launch team engineer (“Dawn’s Early Light”). And there are the Tropical Americana songs – “Palm Trees in Paradise,” “Captain of His Own Destiny,” “The Islands of Marathon” – that show the influence of living in a tropical island town for nearly 40 years.

Rag Magazine wrote in an album review, “John Bartus could well be a force to be recorded with, in the very near future. The song, ‘Velvet Elvis,’ is reminiscent of the soft sarcastic style of Warren Zevon: a man, eating donuts in the Black Lung Cafe, receives a vision from ‘The King’ through a velvet Elvis hanging on a wall, and is inspired to go to Graceland to steal one for his own, even though it means jail time. The remainder of the CD is done in the story song style of Joshua Kadison with the Florida themes of Jimmy Buffett. A pure storyteller in a minstrel’s soul, Bartus’ voice is crisp and clear, and the music is easy to enjoy.”

John’s most recent CD releases are the Keys Disease 10th Anniversary Remaster, and Live From the Florida Keys Vol. 2. Two new studio CDs, After The Storm and Time & Tide, will be released in 2017, coinciding with the 37th anniversary of John’s first shows in the Florida Keys. John performs more than 200 shows a year throughout the Florida Keys. He calls these shows, many of them regular recurring dates, his Perpetual Island Tour. His solo acoustic shows are never-planned-in-advance journeys into creative live looping and feature John’s originals as well as his interpretations of select cover songs

You might have to subject yourself to a tropical island getaway in order to see John Bartus live – after three years on the road in the early 1980s, he figured out to stay in one place and let the listeners come to him. You’ll also have to put up with fishing, diving, beaching, fun in the sun, the world’s best seafood, and a tropical cocktail now and then… but the music is worth it!

Shannon Battle & Greg Adler Live

Live Music with Shannon Battle & Greg Adler
We live in Fort Lauderdale playing music up here for more than 30 years 2 guitars & vocals Been playing down in the Keys for a long time. Style of music is versatile ranging from old Rock & Roll to blues ,jazz,reggae, and more.
Shannon Battle has opened for several National Artists
Keb Mo
Stephen Tyler
Fire Fall
Eddie Money
Pat Travers
And so many more
We play 5 nights a week in Fort Lauderdale.

The Coconut Cowboys Live

Folks, what started as a “final SOLO performance” for the Coconut Cowboy has turned into A FULL BAND PERFORMANCE as ALL the COCONUT COWBOYS will be joining me for our ONLY BAND PERFORMANCE of 2021!
And folks…I hope you are ready to “SADDLE UP AND RIDE” with the COWBOYS this THURSDAY at the BLUE MARLIN COURTYARD startin’ at 6:30 p.m.!
Rockin’ Rob Garza will be on bass guitar & vocals, ”The Georgia Peach” Arno Lamb on lead guitar and “Special Guest Drummer”…Mr. Angel Romero (one of the Keys finest drummers) will be joining us as Mr. Lewis Rainbow will be attending to takin’ care of his beautiful Rottweiler MAX who is having knee surgery this comin’ Monday and therefore needing “Daddy” Lewis to help him during this healing time;)
Needless to say, I am very excited to play with these TALENTED MUSICIANS that I call “Brothers”…and some of the FINEST in ALL the Florida Keys!
And folks…we gonna have a “RIP-ROMPIN'”, “FOOT-STOMPIN”’, “KNEE-SLAPPIN”, “HOWLIN’ AT THE MOON” bunch of FUN with our BEAUTIFUL FLORIDA KEYS family and a bunch of GREAT MUSIC…and I hope to see you there;)
THIS is a “BRING YOUR OWN BEVERAGE & CHAIR” EVENT if you so decide…and I hope you do;)
My sincere gratitude to Armando Gonzalez, the owner of Blue Marlin Jewelry, for providing a “PERFECT PLACE in PARADISE” for the ”BAND TO GET TOGETHER FOR ONE LAST & ONLY RIDE” in 2021 there at the beautiful BLUE MARLIN COURTYARD & we are lookin’ forward to seeing you this THURSDAY NITE.
My love and prayers to each of you, your family and friends…and to ALL those that have and continue to serve the UNITED STATES of AMERICA…Protecting the FREEDOMS we ALL are BLESSED to HAVE & ENJOY…like Livin’ & Lovin’ in Paradise…
May GOD continue BLESS US ALL.
Sincerely I am,
Dan “The Coconut Cowboy”😉